Since 2001, A Wynning Event™ has been involved with silent auction production and management. In terms of silent auction production and management, we work hand-in-hand with the non-profit organization from concept to completion in all aspects of silent auction production and management including organizing and managing silent and live auctions and their check-out processes, creating and producing auction journal booklets and NCR bid sheets, writing auction descriptions and cataloging auction items.

As with all of our projects, A Wynning Event™ approaches our silent auction production and management duties and responsibilities in the same means as any other event we produce. We first will meet with our client and review and clarify our production responsibilities and then double-check with our client to ensure whether or not the scope of work has changed from the initial proposal.

Upon completion of the fund raising event and as part of the silent auction production and management experience, A Wynning Event™ will submit an overall silent and live auction evaluation and final budget review with the organization. This final status report helps to determine the overall success of the fund raiser and will highlight any area in need of improvement for the organization’s event the following year.

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